Canada Savings Bonds

The Canada RSP

Learn about bond maturity and options, and services for Canada RSP holders.

Bond Maturity

Bonds in all Canada RSP plans reached maturity in November or December 2021, depending on the maturity date of the bonds owned. Your Canada RSP plan remains accessible to you, but the bonds in your plan no longer earn interest. Choose the option that best suits your needs at any time.

Plan Maturity at Age of 71

  • Since your Canada RSP plan automatically reaches maturity on the last business day of the year in which you turn 71, a plan maturity notice will be sent to you prior to December 31 of that year, asking you to provide written instructions about what you would like to do with your Canada RSP plan.
  • If you do not provide written instructions to the Canada Savings Bonds Program and you have a minimum balance of $500 in The Canada RSP, the funds will automatically be transferred from The Canada RSP to The Canada RIF to avoid having you pay tax on the total proceeds. If the value of your Canada RSP plan is less than $500, any applicable taxes will be deducted and the balance of your plan will be paid out.


Statements will be issued annually as of December 31.

If you haven't received your statements, your information may be out of date. To validate your mailing address, contact us.

Services for The Canada RSP Holders

Find out about address and legal name changes, and other services for The Canada RSP holders.

The Canada RSP Terms and Conditions

See Terms and Conditions and Declaration of Trust for more information and find the latest version of the Trustee’s Privacy Code.