Canada Savings Bonds

About CSB Online Services

As a Payroll Savings Plan owner, you have access to CSB Online Services. Here’s how it works.

Access to your online profile will only be available until April 2022.

Services Available Online

If you already have an online profile, you can complete the following transactions on CSB Online Services:

  • sign up for Direct Deposit or change your banking information;
  • update your contact information (e.g. change your mailing address, email address, password);
  • check plan balances and activity;
  • view and print online statement and/or T5 (if the amount of interest earned is greater than or equal to $50 or more).

Ensuring Online Security

Select a secure password

  • Choose a unique password that includes both letters and numbers.
  • Avoid selecting a previously used password or a password that is easy for others to figure out, like names, birthdays, or telephone numbers.

Protect your password

Your password, along with your Client ID, is key to accessing your confidential information. Make sure that you protect your password by memorizing it and not revealing it to anyone.

To protect your Client ID, password, personal and financial information, we employ state-of-the-art encryption technology, which is recognized as the most effective way to achieve data security. Encryption is the process of scrambling data into an unreadable format that is more secure for transmission over the Internet. Consequently, your Internet browser must be compatible with 128-bit encryption to access the website.

Clear your browser's cache

Most browsers save images or files that you have viewed and store them locally to improve performance. It is important to clear your browser’s cache after online sessions to prevent others from being able to view your personal information.

Log out after every session

Pressing the logout option at the top left of the screen after every session will help protect your information. For your security, your session will automatically time out after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Supported web browsers

CSB Online Services supports the following browsers:

  • the latest versions currently supported by Microsoft;
  • the most recent version of Chrome;
  • the most recent version of Firefox.

Other browsers may also be supported but have not been tested with this site.

The site is accessible to the visually impaired through text to speech (JAWS reader).