Canada Savings Bonds

About Your Plan

Get information on your Payroll Savings Plan online statements/T5s, and become familiar with the different types of plans.

Statements and T5s

  • Single Plan owners with CSBOS accounts can download, print or save their statements and T5s online. You will be notified when your final statement is available online in January 2022.
  • Payroll Plan Owners will receive a paper copy of their final statements and T5s by mail in January 2022.

Note that Canada Revenue Agency only requires the issuance of T5s if the amount of interest earned is equal to $50 or more.

Plan types

The following plan types were available through the Payroll Savings Program:

Single Plan
The contributor is the sole owner of this Plan and has 100% access to the funds for redemption.
Joint Plan
The contributor is a co-owner of this Plan. The other co-owner can be a spouse, a child, or another individual. Joint Plans are registered with the right of survivorship. Both co-owners have 100% access to the funds. Redemption and maturity payment cheques are issued in both owners’ names, in which case both signatures will be required to cash in the cheque, or funds can be deposited directly into a bank account that is held in both owners’ names.
Third-Party Plan (and when owner is a minor)
The contributor contributed to this Plan for someone else. The owner of the Plan has 100% access to the funds for redemption and maturity payments. If the Plan owner is a minor (under 18 years of age), the legal guardian can access the funds.