Canada Savings Bonds
By December 2021, all Canada Savings Bonds and Canada Premium Bonds will have reached maturity.

Redemption Value Tables (S40)

Search redemption values, view matured series values, and read about redemptions during the closed-book period.

Redemption Value Tables

Matured Series

Redemptions during the Closed-Book Period

If a regular interest bond is redeemed during the closed book period, interest for that year will be paid on the anniversary date and unearned interest for the months not elapsed will be deducted from the par value of the bonds at the time of redemption. Therefore, the redemption values shown in the Redemption Value Tables for regular interest “R” bonds redeemed during this closed book period are:

For Canada Savings Bonds: the par value less the unearned interest for one or two months, as appropriate.

For Canada Premium Bonds: an amount equal to the interest earned since the last anniversary date will be deducted from the proceeds of redemption as that amount will be included in the registered owner’s annual interest payment.