Canada Savings Bonds

Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Certificated Bonds

Learn about the process and requirements for reporting lost, stolen or destroyed Canada Savings Bonds or Canada Premium Bonds.

All Canada Savings Bonds and Canada Premium Bonds have reached maturity and stopped earning interest.

If your bonds have been lost, stolen, or destroyed you must report them as lost to redeem.

The face value of the bond and all the accumulated interest will be paid to the registered owner(s) by cheque or direct deposit.

Only CSBs (Series 32 and up) and CPBs issued in 1977 or later are eligible for the lost bond process.


1. Contact Customer Service

Report a lost, stolen or destroyed certificated CSB and CPB by contacting Customer Service at 1‑800‑575‑5151.

You will need:

  • Your Customer ID
  • Your address at the time of purchase
  • The bond certificate serial number(s) - if available
  • The exact name of the registered owner as it appears on the certificate

If applicable, ensure you also have:

  • Your parent or legal guardian to speak to the Customer Service representative if you are under the age of maturity (18 years old).
  • Your co-owner to speak with Customer Service if you are an owner of a joint bond.
  • Your trustee to speak to Customer Service if you are entitled to bonds registered under a personal trust.
  • Proof of authorization to act if the bonds are registered under a charity or an estate.
  • A police report number from your local police department if your bond was stolen.

A Customer Service Representative will mail you the following required forms and information necessary to process your request.

  • Bond of Indemnity Form and Instructions sheet
  • Schedule to Bond of Indemnity
  • Consent to Share Information Form (if applicable)
Failure to properly complete and submit all necessary documents and payment will result in your request being delayed or rejected.

2. Complete the Bond of Indemnity form

The Bond of Indemnity Form and detailed instructions will be sent by the Canada Savings Bonds Program for you to complete.

  • You will need to provide a description of how the bond was lost, stolen or destroyed as well as the dollar value of the matured bond (face value and accumulated interest).
  • All bonds have matured and will be paid out.
This form must be completed by all registered bond owners.

3. Sign Bond of Indemnity Form

The Bond of Indemnity must be signed by:

  • All registered owners of the original certificate(s), or
  • All legal representatives of the registered owner(s), or
  • Both parents if the bond owner is a minor.

If the registered owner(s) is/are not signing the form, then the role of the signee (e.g., parent, legal guardian, and representative of the estate) must be indicated on the form beside the name and supporting legal documentation must be provided if applicable.

If the total amount of the original bond and accumulated interest is under $3500.00 the signatures must be witnessed by a 3rd party – this can be anyone of legal age. The witness must print their name below their signature.

If the total amount of the original bond and accumulated interest exceeds $3,500.00, then the signature must be witnessed by:

  • A Commissioner (i.e., for taking affidavits) or
  • A Notary Public, i.e.:
    • A lawyer
    • A Justice of the Peace
    • A town clerk
    • A city hall clerk

Ensure that the Commissioner or Notary Public applies his/her official stamp or seal to the completed form. If no stamp or seal is available, other documentary evidence of their appointment as Commissioner or Notary Public from the appropriate body (a Province, State or Court) may be acceptable.

4. Pay surety fees

Surety fees are charged to guarantee the value of lost bond, stolen or destroyed bonds, as determined by HUB International. Payment must be provided by cheque or money order payable to HUB International. Surety fees cannot be deducted from the redemption amount.

Surety fees are calculated based on the maturity value of the bond which includes the par value (principal) and accumulated interest. Please see the payment table below to calculate your fees.

Total Certificate(s) Value Surety Premium Due

$ 100.00 - $1,000.00


$1,000.01 - $3,500.00


$3,500.01 - $100,000.00

3% of Total Amount­

Example 1: Total Amount of the Certificate(s) = $2,140.25
Total Premium Payable to HUB International = $70.00

Example 2: Total Amount of the Certificates = $45,614.30­
Total Premium Payable to HUB International is $45,614.30 x 3% = $1,368.43­

Note: Residents of Manitoba are required to pay 7% Retail Sales Tax (RST) and Saskatchewan residents 6% in addition to the surety premium above.

MB Example 1: 7% tax: Total Amount of the Certificate = $200.00
Premium due: $30.00 x 7% = $2.10
Total to pay: $30.00 + $2.10 = $32.10

SK Example 2: 6% tax: Total amount of the certificate = $50,000.00
Premium due: $50,000.00 x 3% = $1,500.00 x 6% = $90.00
Total to pay: $1,500.00 + $90.00 = $1,590.00

A $35.00 (CAD) fee is charged in addition to the surety fees if a non-negotiable or non-sufficient funds cheque is received.

If bond certificates value exceeds $100,000, or if you reside outside of Canada, HUB International will assist in finding a surety/bonding company that will provide surety services. The surety fees may differ from the amount noted above. Applicants outside of Canada, USA, UK subject to $75.00 minimum premium and 0.5% rate increase.

Failure to submit the proper amount will result in the request being rejected.

5. Mail the schedule to Bond of Indemnity and the completed and signed Bond of Indemnity Form and surety fees

The schedule to Bond of Indemnity, the Bond of Indemnity Form and surety payment must be sent to HUB International in the return envelope provided at:

Hub International
595 Bay Street
Suite 900
Toronto, ON
M5G 2E3

Allow 8-10 weeks from the time the documentation and the replacement fee payment has been received by HUB International for your payment to be issued.

6. Complete and mail the Consent to Share Personal Information form (if applicable)

If your bond was lost, stolen or destroyed as part of an estate, or if you have changed your name since purchasing the original bond, you will need to complete and submit a Consent to Share Personal Information form. If applicable, this will be included in your lost bond package and should be mailed to:

The Canada Savings Bonds Program
P.O. Box 2770, Station D
Ottawa, ON
K1P 1J7

Or faxed to 613-782-8096.

Finding Lost Bonds

If you find your original bond certificate after you have reported your bond as lost, destroyed or stolen, you must notify the Canada Savings Bonds Program immediately at 1‑800‑575‑5151.

Customers are obligated to return the original certificates or reimburse the value of the bonds in the event of redemption of both the lost and replaced bonds.

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