Canada Savings Bonds

Managing your Canada RSP or Canada RIF

You can no longer contribute to The Canada RSP or The Canada RIF because funds in these plans were invested in Canada Savings Bonds and Canada Premium Bonds which are no longer available for purchase.

Managing your plan

The option to transfer new funds into your plan is no longer available, but your current funds are safe and guaranteed.

As of December 2021, all funds in your Canada RSP or Canada RIF have reached maturity and no longer earn interest. However, your plan will remain accessible to you.

Transferring funds

As a plan holder, you can transfer funds from your Canada RSP or Canada RIF to another registered retirement savings vehicle without penalty.

To initiate the transfer, visit your financial institution or RSP administrator.

Withdrawing funds

Contact Customer Service to redeem the funds held in your plan. If you withdraw funds from your Canada RSP or Canada RIF:

  • Your withdrawal will be subject to a withholding tax.
    Canada RIF owners may choose to count their withdrawal as part of their annual minimum payment for tax purposes.
  • You will need to declare the proceeds as income for the year in which they are withdrawn.

Getting your statements

Keep yourself informed of your holdings.

Semi-annual statements for Canada RSP Plan owners are mailed as of:

  • June 30
  • December 31

Quarterly statements for Canada RIF Plan owners are mailed as of:

  • March 31
  • June 30
  • September 30
  • December 31 — includes payment details for the following year
If you haven't received your statements, your information may be out of date. To find validate your mailing address, contact us.

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