Canada Savings Bonds

Making a request on behalf of a bond owner

Find out who can make requests on behalf of a bond owner and how to complete the process.


The Privacy Act principles and requirements guide us in making the decision to release personal information.

The parent or legal guardian of a minor child may act on the minor bond owner’s behalf. They may be required to provide the child's proof of age or birth certificate.

Legal representatives such as the following, must provide legal documents proving their authority to act on behalf of the registered owner:

  • Executors of an estate
  • Individals who hold a financial power of attorney
  • Representatives of a bank branch


Depending on the par value of holdings in the account, legal documents may need to be certified or notarized.

Par value of holdings $1000.00 or less $1000.01 - $3500.00 Greater than $3500.00
Requirement for legal documents Photocopies of unnotarized documents. Photocopies of notarized or court certified documents Original notarized or court certified documents.

In most cases, documents may be:

  • Notarized by a notary Public
  • Certified by a Commissioner for Oaths
  • Guaranteed by a Canadian Financial Institution

Some exceptions apply. Consult the appropriate form for detailed information on the specific requirements.

Original notarized or court certified documents aren’t accepted by fax. Submit all documents by mail at:

Canada Savings Bonds Program
P.O. Box 2770, Station D
Ottawa, ON K1P 1J7

Original documents will automatically be returned by registered mail after the transaction has been completed. If you wish to have notarized or certified copies of legal documents returned, please specify at the outset of your request.

For more information, contact Customer Service.