Canada Savings Bonds

Providing legal documents for account changes

Get information on the legal documents and required certification for making significant account changes.

If you are administering an estate or making significant account changes to your Canada Savings Bonds, Canada Premium Bonds, Payroll Savings Plan, Canada RSP or Canada RIF you:

  • must complete and submit the appropriate form
  • may be asked to provide necessary legal documents

The specific documents required to make significant changes to your account will depend on the circumstances surrounding the change.

Depending on the value of your holdings and the change required, legal documents may need to be originals, notarized or certified copies, or photocopies.

Carefully review the required form for each process or contact Customer Service to determine which requirements apply to your situation.

Process Required form Possible required legal documents (depending on situation)
Administering an estate

Estate Transfer Form (2351)

Quebec Estate Transfer Form

  • Death certificate from a funeral director
  • Death certificate from a provincial registrar
  • Certificate of finding issued by a coroner
  • Death certificate issued by a church
  • Letter of probate
  • Will
  • Will of spouse
  • Proof of death of spouse
  • Release of spouse
  • Proof of death for parents
  • Letters of administration
Transferring holdings Transfer Form (533)
  • Divorce order
  • Separation agreement
  • Custody agreement
  • Power of Attorney
Changing the legal name of a registered owner Legal Name Change Form
  • Birth certificate and social insurance card
  • Marriage certificate and letter of guarantee
  • Adoption order and letter of guarantee
  • Divorce order and letter of guarantee
  • Annulment order and letter of guarantee
  • Marriage separation agreement and letter of guarantee
  • Legal name change document and letter of guarantee
  • A letter of guarantee
Changing address or direct deposit information on behalf of a registered owner who is deceased or unable to act for themselves Change of Address and Direct Deposit Form
  • Power of attorney
  • Last will and testament or death certificate or letters probate/administration
Transferring a Canada RSP or Canada RIF when a beneficiary is named under the plan Indemnity of the Canada RSP Beneficiary Form

Indemnity of the Canada RIF Beneficiary Form

  • Death certificate from a funeral director
  • Death certificate from a provincial registrar
  • Certificate of finding issued by a coroner
  • Death certificate issued by a church
  • Power of attorney
  • Tutorship or curatorship of minor child
Failure to provide appropriate legal documentation may result in your request being delayed or declined.

Required certification or notarization of legal documents

Whether certification or notarization is required for legal documents depends on the par value of the holdings. Contact Customer Service if you are unsure of the value of your holdings.

Par value $1000.00 or less 1000.01 - $3500.00 $3500.00 +
Legal documents Photocopies of documents (unnotarized). Photocopies of notarized or court certified documents Original notarized or court certified documents.
Forms Signed (unnotarized) Notarized Notarized

In most cases, documents may be :

  • Notarized by a Notary Public
  • Certified by a Commissioner for Oaths
  • Guaranteed by a Canadian Financial Institution

Some exceptions apply. Consult the appropriate form for detailed information on the specific requirements.

Original documents will automatically be returned by registered mail after the transaction has been completed. If you wish to have notarized or certified copies of legal documents returned, please specify at the outset of your request.