Canada Savings Bonds

Adding co-owner(s) with survivor or right to survivorship

To add co-owner(s) with survivor or right to survivorship to a bond, please refer to the Transfer Form (TRF) and Guidelines for more information.

What is "and survivor"?

A bond registered in two or more names with the words "And Survivor" indicates the right of survivorship to the owners whose names appear on the bond.

The right of survivorship automatically transfers the share of a deceased bond owner to the remaining bond owner(s) whose name(s) appears on the same bond. The deceased's share is excluded from his estate, except for residents of the Province of Quebec where the right of survivorship is not applicable.

How to submit your request

  1. Complete the Transfer Form (TRF).
  2. Once completed, mail the form, along with the unsigned physical certificate bond(s) (if applicable) and legal documents (if required) to the attention of Transfer & Exchange Unit in Customer Service.
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