Canada Savings Bonds


In the event of a labour disruption, all mail delivery will be impacted. If you normally receive your redemption or interest payments by cheque, sign up for direct deposit to avoid delays.

The Canada Savings Bond

Read about how to redeem CSBs, and find out about rates and services for CSB owners.

Payroll Savings Program

Find out about the recent Program changes and what this means to Employees.

The Canada Premium Bond

Learn how to redeem CPBs, and find out about rates and services for CPB owners.

Financial Institutions & Investment Dealers

This section provides information to financial institutions and investment dealers about processing and administrating bonds. Find rates and redemption values for unmatured and matured bonds.

Celebrating the History of Canada Savings Bonds

Learn about the origins and evolution of the Canada Savings Bond Program.


Find interest rates for unmatured, matured, and repriced CSBs and CPBs and a list of maturing bond series.