Find the answers to the most common questions regarding updating your Employer Profile, downloading the CSBOS Contribution Update File, managing employee accounts and changing transmission methods.

Employer Profile Update

At any time during the year, you may log in to the Payroll Resource Centre to make changes to your organization’s information. Once a year in June, you will need to update your profile information or material requirements (if required) to ensure we send the proper amount of campaign material to the correct locations.

Using the CSBOS Contribution Update File

During the campaign, employees set up new plans or make changes to their contributions by going to CSB Online Services. These transactions are processed and stored electronically at the Bank of Canada. Within a few days after the sales campaign ends, your employee transaction data is saved in your CSBOS Contribution Update File and is ready to be downloaded from our secure website and uploaded to your payroll system. Log in to the Payroll Resource Centre and select Statistics and CSBOS Contribution Update File under PRC Services. Find out more information about Using the CSBOS Contribution Update File.

More Information

Confirm Receipt of Payroll Contribution File

You should receive confirmation of receipt of your payroll contribution file within 24 to 48 hours of transmission. If you have not received a confirmation, please contact Payroll Savings Program Customer Service.