The timeline below helps you plan and prepare for the campaign.

Early September

  • You will receive the What’s New Email and Organization ID Email. These communications will come from Be sure to add this address to your safe list.
  • You will receive your campaign material, which includes Employee Brochures and Wall Posters. Check quantities and familiarize yourself with them.

3rd Week of September

  • Test the Download Function for your CSBOS Contribution Update File.
  • Use the Sample Employee Communication, available on the Employers web page, to create your own email, memo or newsletter to share information about the Program.

3 October – Campaign Launch and 1st Week

  • The CSB Payroll Savings Program campaign begins on 3 October.
  • Write your Organization ID on the campaign posters and place them in high-traffic areas.
  • Distribute Employee Brochures to your employees.
  • If permitted, forward the First Employee Email, or send your own communication to employees to inform them that the campaign has begun (add your Organization ID in the subject line).
  • Inform your employees to go to CSB Online Services to make changes to plan contributions or to enroll in the Program.
  • Place an animated Intranet Banner on your organization intranet, if permitted.
  • Inform employees that they can view the videos (or download the Employee How-To Guide) if they need help with their online transactions or want to learn more about CSBs.

4th Week of October

  • If permitted, forward the Reminder Employee Email to employees or send your own communication to remind them of the deadline to change existing contributions or to enroll.

1 November - Last Day of Campaign and After

  • 1 November at 8 p.m. (ET) - Deadline for employees to change their contributions or enroll in the Program.
  • Early November - Log in to Payroll Resource Centre (PRC) to download the CSBOS Contribution Update File. Use the file to update employee pay records.
  • 30 November - Last day to update employee pay records in your payroll system. Organizations already participating must enter new employee records and update existing employee records after their last pay in November and before their first pay in December.
  • 31 December - Last day to access the 2016 campaign statistics on PRC.

More Information

Campaign Statistics

Your campaign statistics can be viewed by logging in to the Payroll Resource Centre and selecting Statistics and CSBOS Contribution Update File under PRC Services from the My PRC Account page.