Find all the campaign material and tools you need to communicate to employees about the campaign, including guides, brochures, videos, and other helpful resources to help you get ready for the upcoming campaign.

What’s New Email

In early September, you will receive the What’s New Email. Make sure to read it for important dates and resources about this year’s campaign.

Campaign Director Guide

The Campaign Director Guide is your reference guide, and contains everything you need to know to help you run and manage the campaign.

Campaign Material and Communication Tools

As Campaign Director, there are many ways you can promote the CSB Payroll Savings Program within your organization. Below you will find some material and communication tools to help you accomplish this.

In early September, you will receive a campaign material kit containing Employee Brochures and Wall Posters in the quantities requested in June when you confirmed your Employer Profile and material requirements in PRC.

Should you require additional copies of these items, an order can be placed starting mid-September and up until the end of the October campaign period at Order additional Campaign material.

Employee Brochure

A convenient, easy-to-read Employee Brochure that describes how the Payroll Savings Program works and how easy it is to use CSB Online Services. Make sure to distribute those received in September to all employees. You may also send an electronic copy to employees in your own communications or include them in corporate communications. If you wish to order more copies, go to Order additional Campaign material.

Campaign Poster

Display the Campaign Poster throughout your workplace a few weeks prior to campaign. Make sure to write down your Organization ID. If you wish to order more copies, go to Order additional Campaign material.

Employee Emails

Use these easy-to-share email messages (First Employee Email, Reminder Employee Email) at the beginning of the campaign and the week before the end of the campaign to increase employee participation to the Program. Do not forget to include your Organization ID in the subject line.

Sample Employee Communication

Use the information contained in the Sample Employee Communication to draft your internal memos, newsletters or emails to inform employees about the Government of Canada’s announcement about the Program and what is means to them.

Intranet Banner

If your organization has an Intranet site, you can use this animated Intranet Banner. You will need the help of your IT support staff to upload the banner.

Employee How-To Guide

The Employee How-To Guide is a helpful manual for Payroll Savings Program participants that gives a step-by-step approach to the most common transactions on CSB Online Services (e.g. how to create a CSBOS account, how to change your contributions, how to redeem your funds). You may wish to send a link to this guide along with your employee communications.

CSB Bond Basics Videos

These videos explain how employees contribute to a CSB series through their plan, what happens when a series reaches maturity, how interest is calculated and factors to consider when deciding which series to redeem from.

How-To Videos

Quick video tutorials on how to enroll in the Program, how to create a CSBOS account, how to change contributions, and how to redeem, using CSB Online Services.

More Information

Emails from the CSB Payroll Savings Program

Campaign Directors will receive email communications regarding Program news and requirements. These communications will come from Be sure to add this address to your safe list.