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The Employer web page holds a multitude of material and information needed to run a successful campaign.

New Employers

Employers offer the Payroll Savings Program for several reasons:

  • To provide access to a free and reputable program that encourages healthy savings habits.
  • To provide a valuable program requiring minimal effort to help retain talented employees.
  • To be part of the 10,500 employers across Canada and more than 800,000 employees who use the Program today.

Running the Payroll Savings Program

  1. Sponsor the Payroll Savings Program (for first-time employers only).
  2. Promote the Program
    Find all the material and information you need before, during and after the sales campaign to promote the Payroll Savings Program to employees.
  3. Manage the Program year-round
    Manage your accounts throughout the entire year.

Employer Websites

Access Employer online services.

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Download your Employee Payroll Data File
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