Learn about how and when to make contribution changes, when changes take effect, stopping contributions, and verifying deductions. Refer to the How-To Guide to help you with your online transactions.

How to Change

You can change your contributions online during the October campaign by following these steps:

  1. Go to CSB Online Services.
  2. Log in using your Client ID and password. If this is your first visit to CSB Online Services but you already have a Payroll Savings Plan, you can create a CSBOS account as an Existing Payroll Plan Owner.
  3. Modify your contributions by selecting Change Existing Contributions and following the online instructions.

Watch a quick video on how to increase, decrease or stop your Payroll Savings Plan contributions.

For more information on changing your contributions, you can refer to the Employee How-To Guide.

When to Change

During the October Campaign

If you wish, you can make changes to your plan during the campaign period in October by going to CSB Online Services and selecting Change Existing Contributions.

Outside the October Campaign

You can decrease, stop, or suspend your contributions at any time during the year by contacting your Campaign Director or Payroll Administrator. Outside of the campaign, you can increase your contributions if permitted by your employer by contacting your Campaign Director or Payroll Administrator. Please contact Customer Service after your change has been accepted by your Campaign Director or Payroll Administrator and you have been advised of the date the change will take effect.

When Changes Take Effect

Any changes you make to your contributions during the sales campaign will begin with the first pay in December.

Stop Contributions

During the campaign, you can stop your contributions to a plan by logging in to CSB Online Services, selecting Change Existing Contributions from the left navigation menu and setting the contribution amount of the plan you wish to cancel to $0. Your contributions will stop with the first pay in December.

Outside of the campaign, contact your Campaign Director or Payroll Administrator. If you have multiple plans and are only stopping contributions to one plan, please advise Customer Service.

Verify Payroll Deduction Amount

There are a few ways you can verify that the amount deducted from your pay has been credited to your account:

  • Log in to CSB Online Services and view your Plan activity.
  • Check your pay slips.
  • Check the year-end statement you receive online or by mail that shows the amount of your current plan holdings as well as all transactions made during the year.