Learn how to manage Your Plan online, how to view summaries of your plans, how to obtain online statements/T5s, about the types of plans, and how interest is earned.

Manage Your Plan Online

If you have a Payroll Savings Plan, you can manage your Plan on CSB Online Services. If you haven’t been online yet, you can create a CSBOS account at any time by following these steps:

  1. Go to CSB Online Services. You will need:
    • Your 10-digit Plan Number (starts with “2” and can be found on last year’s annual CSB statement)
    • Your last contribution amount (indicated on your pay stub)
    • A valid email address
    • Your Direct Deposit information (if currently set up in your plan)
  2. Create your CSBOS account as an Existing Payroll Participant by creating a personalized Client ID, password and challenge questions.

Watch a quick video on how to create a CSBOS account if you are not already online.

View Summary of Plans

Log in to CSB Online Services and the My Plans section will be the first page you see. It allows you to view a summary of all your plans.

Online Statements and T5s

  • If you are a Single Plan owner and have a CSBOS account, you are automatically set up to view and print statements and T5s online.
  • If you are a Single Plan owner and do not have a CSBOS account, you will need to create a CSBOS account in order to access online statements and T5s.
  • For Joint or Third-Party Plan owners, online statements and T5s are not currently available and therefore hard copies will continue to be sent to you in the mail.

Note that Canada Revenue Agency only requires the issuance of T5s if the amount of interest earned is equal to $50 or more.

Plan Types

Single Plan
The contributor is the sole owner of this Plan and has 100% access to the funds for redemption.
Joint Plan
The contributor is a co-owner of this Plan. The other co-owner can be a spouse, a child, or another individual. Joint Plans are registered with the right of survivorship. Both co-owners have 100% access to the funds. Redemption cheques are issued in both owners’ names, in which case both signatures will be required to cash in the cheque, or funds can be deposited directly into a bank account that is held in both owners’ names.
Third-Party Plan
The contributor is contributing to this Plan for someone else. The owner of the Plan has 100% access to the funds for redemption. The contributor can only control the contributions deducted from their pay and the allocation of the funds. If the Plan owner is a minor, the legal guardian can access the funds for redemption.

How Interest is Earned

CSBs purchased through the Payroll Savings Program accrue interest on a daily basis until redemption or maturity, whichever comes first, at the interest rate determined by the Minister of Finance for that series and period.

As each bond series in your Plan matures, the funds (principal and interest) for the matured series will automatically be paid out to the registered Plan owner by cheque or direct deposit, according to your account information. A letter will be sent to notify you of the maturing bond series prior to the payment.

Watch a quick video on how interest is calculated on a bond series.