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Canada Savings Bonds (CSBs) are available through the Payroll Savings Program. The sales campaign runs every year from early October to 1 November.

The Employee web page holds a multitude of reference materials and information to help you manage your Payroll Savings Plan.

Registration, Contributions, Redemption

CSB Online Services gives you access to the most common online transactions such as creating an online profile, setting up new plans, and redeeming your bonds from your CSBOS account.

When you log on to CSB Online Services, you can:

  • Create a CSBOS account for online transactions;
  • Personalize your Client ID;
  • change your contribution amounts and set up new plans (during the sales campaign);
  • redeem your CSBs;
  • check plan balances;
  • sign up for Direct Deposit and online statements;
  • view and print T5 slips;
  • change your address;
  • change your account details.

During the sales campaign, you can access or create a CSBOS account with your Client ID and password to set up a new Payroll Savings Plan or change your contributions by selecting CSB Online Services.

CSBs purchased through the Payroll Savings Program can be redeemed at any time by selecting CSB Online Services.

  • Funds will be deposited within four business days if you are set up for Direct Deposit, or seven to ten business days if a cheque is mailed.  If funds are held in a Joint Plan, a cheque will be issued in both Plan owners names, or funds can be deposited directly in a bank account , but only if the bank account is held in both owners names.
  • If you have a Single Plan, you may enroll in Direct Deposit or change the banking information online at CSB Online Services.
  • If you have a Joint and Third Party Plan, you may enroll in Direct Deposit or change the banking information by completing the Change of Address and Direct Deposit (COADD) Form.
  • Your most recent payroll contributions will be held for 15 days from the date the Bank of Canada receives your deduction from your employer.

The Employee How-To Guide

Download the Employee How-To Guide to find a profile that resembles you the most, and follow step-by-step instructions on how to create an online CSBOS account, change your contribution amount, set up new Payroll Savings Plans or redeem your bonds.


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