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Payroll Savings Program

The Canada Savings Bonds (CSB) Payroll Savings Program allows employees to contribute to a Payroll Savings Plan at their place of work through automatic payroll deductions.

Employers offer the Payroll Savings Program for several reasons:

  • To provide access to a free and reputable program that encourages healthy savings habits.
  • To provide a valuable program requiring minimal effort, that will help retain talented employees.
  • To become part of more than 10,500 employers across Canada and more than 900,000 employees who use the Program today.

Employees set up Payroll Savings Plans because they offer:

  • A free and secure way to save for themselves or a loved one.
  • An easy way to save money for things they really want, big or small; Employees can contribute as little as $2 per week.
  • Access to an online account. Without hassle. Without fees.
  • Access year-round to their money online.